About Us

Our customers realize that seals can be a limiting factor in their products performance. That’s why choosing the right product for your application is key and choosing the right supplier is paramount. Our objective is to develop and produce seals that extend the life of your products. SEALTITE CORPORATION has been an industry leader in such products since 1946.

It takes more than staff and facilities to achieve the excellence that is vital to success in today’s competitive environment. A successful company must be creative, innovative, and go to market with products and services of clearly superior quality. Meeting Military and Aerospace specifications SEALTITE CORPORATION is AS9100D.

Serving industry leaders such as Boeing, Emerson Electric, Lincoln, Federal Mogul, Eaton and various entities of the U.S. Government we also realize that customers come in all sizes. Quantities from proto type to production fit well with our diverse production equipment.

Competitive pricing and a firm commitment to quality and on time service have always positioned us as a leader in the Industrial Seal market.

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